Come to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in Downtown North Wilkesboro, NC, on 10/4/2014

From Winston        From Charlotte        From Mount Airy        From Boone

Welcome! The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is one of the largest one-day arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast. The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is not just this club's largest fundraiser, but has become a one of Wilkes County's biggest fundraisers. Over 100 civic, church and other non-profit organizations participate in the festival. And best of all, it's FREE! Explore this web site to learn more about the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival!


Bluegrass in the Park

10:00-The Elkville String Band
11:00-Al Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys
12:00-Caldwell Line
 1:00-Elkville String Band
 2:00-Al Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys
 3:00-Caldwell Line
Americana, Wachovia

10:00-Brian Burchfield
11:00-The Zephyr Lightning Bolts
12:00-The Local Boys
 1:00-Brian Burchfield
 2:00-The Zephyr Lightningbolts
 3:00-The Local Boys
Gospel at the J.P.
10:00-The Solid Rock Quartet
10:40-The Carolina Family
11:20-The Principles
12:40-The Solid Rock Quartet
  1:20-The Carolina Family
  2:00-The Principles


Dance on the Deck

10:00-The Wagon Wheel Cloggers
10:30-The Footloose Express Cloggers
11:00-The Carolina Clogging Connection
11:30-Studio 68
12:00-Carolina Clogging Connection
12:30-The Foothill Cloggers
 1:00 The Wilkes County Line Dancers