Vendor TypeProduct TypeCost%
* If a percent is listed above, the fee is the cost listed above, or the percent listed above of your revenue during the festival, whichever is greater.
If your booth is on main street, there is an additional fee of $50.00.

Size of all spaces will be 10' by 12 ' (10' along the length of the street and 12' deep). Concession vendor space size will be determiend based on avaialble space and vendor needs
You will be assigned numbered space(s). A map showing your location and instructions will be sent to you around the middle of September. If you applied for Main Street and were not assigned, a refund will be returned to you after the festival.
There will be no rain date - festival is held rain or shine. Fees are used to advertise the festival, planning, etc. and are therefore non-refundable.
All vendors must setup by 8am. (members of the Brushy Mountain Ruritan Club will be on hand at 6am to assist). NO vehicles on street after 8am. Fire lanes must be maintained at all times.
Brushy Mountain Ruritan Club, not the applicant, reserves the right to make decisions based on definitions of what consitutes arts, crafts, concessions or commercial spaces. We also reserve all rights to accept applications, assign spaces and make changes deemed necessary.
Each vendor is responsible for collection of NC sales tax(7%) on all sales made during the festival.
Vendor Details:
1) Commerical Concession Vendor -- A commerical concession vendor is a food vendor or attraction that is business related.
2) Non-Commercial Concession Vendor - - A non-commercial concession vendor is a food vendor or attraction that is a non-profit organization (tax exempt under 501(3) or 501(7) requirements), or, a business that makes customized or packaged food.
3) Non-commercial concession pricing information as follows: Non-commercial concession fee example: a non-commercial concession vendor generates $4,000 in sales. The calculation is 4,000 x 10% = $400. The vendor subtracts the $175 booth fee from the commission fee of $400 and submits an additional payment of $225 immediately after the festival.
4) Commercial fee example: a commercial concession vendor generates $6,000 in sales. The calculation is 6,000 x 15% = $900. The vendor subtracts the $400 booth fee from the commission fee of $900 and submits an additional payment of $500 immediately after the festival.
5) The commercial and non-commercial concession booth fee payment is due by August 31. No booths will be held past payment deadline of August 31. 6)6. All concession vendors are required to report their sales, and, pay applicable commission fee by October 31. Non-compliance may affect vendor invitation to participate in the following years festival.
Note to Vendors: By filling out an Apple Festival Booth Application and by receiving their space credentials agree to obtain and maintain libability insurance protecting them and the BMRC from liability to any customers, the public or other entity harmed by their product or appearance at the Festival.
IMPORTANT - CONCESSION VENDORS - Click HERE for the Health Regulations document.



ALL concession vendors are required to accept and honor Brushy Mountain Apple Festival Meal Tickets when presented.  These are used by volunteers that make the festival possible.  Meals tickets are valued at $10.00 each. No change should be given when meal tickets are used. If the value of the transaction is not evenly divisible by $10.00, write the amount of the transaction on the meal ticket. Deduct the he value of meal tickets collected from the money owed to the Brushy Mountain Ruritan club.  If you have questions about meal tickets please


Commercial concession vendors are responsible for complying with Wilkes County Health Department regulations.  For more information, please visit

Please note that Main Street and the CBD loop now have 2-way traffic.

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